Arne Koefoed
Arne Koefoed
head of ideas

Arne Koefoed, founder and Head of Ideas at WINK.

Creative Director, event, experience and environment designer.

Hippie, hooligan, tactile storyteller and experience architect, on a mission to celebrate life, bring rapture, and make the world all right for a while.

Transforming the temporality of an event into an unforgettable ‘now’.

Always with a Wink, always out to create goose bumps...

WINK is an experiential marketing agency with offices in Amsterdam and New York.

Creating memorable moments through real experiences, events and environments for bold brands. Rooted in the Netherlands in the wild and wonderful nineties. Born from multi-coloured acid parties in squatted warehouses, fresh festival experiences and experimental fashion-shows. Innovators of the global event industry, claiming the zeitgeist. Amplifying brands with authenticity, beauty and magic. Enabling brands to touch and engage people by building immersive worlds and sharing tactile stories. Shows, parties, stands, trade-fairs, festivals, scenery, retail, strategic experiential toolkits, and then some.

The Aim of the Game is to Feel Real Good!

When, as a second-year fashion student, with a lust for life and a raw talent for partying, Arne threw his first rave with the apt title 'Exhibit A' in the late eighties, the infatuation was instantaneous. The unique live mayhem of subculture, music, art, hospitality and zeitgeist was irresistible and it proved to be contagious. He truly felt that he discovered an art form, that was by its very nature interactive, immediate, interdisciplinary, hip and happening, disruptive and most of all loads of fun!

30 years later, Arne remains true to his original flavour, and his ambition to spread his 'Feel Good' mission on a global scale is limitless. Simultaneously the effectiveness and necessity of live experiential marketing, and tactile 'brand' storytelling as strategy is embraced on a global scale, and WINK as an original trailblazer is riding the wave! The vast and ever-growing portfolio of WINK-work is original build of what Arne calls the hot threesome: Fashion, Booze and Rock 'n Roll! Yet, saying NO has never been a popular word in the

WINK vocabulary, and there's always a hunger for new and exciting, so now also tech, financials, NGO's and even governments are Winked.

In an increasingly virtual society people develop a growing need for live-events. Experiences make life real, memories are more valuable than things. The current generation writes their own story by sharing their on- and offline experiences. Opening people up to an attractive state of anything can happen, WINK supercharges them with unforgettable experiences and lasting impressions. WINK connects brands to people, by making the ‘now’ tangible, memorable and shareable.

Arne has just turned 50, lives together with his partner for 28 years Mo, and their two children Mads & Elfi.

Arne loves to talk about:

The Unforgettable Now

The Attractive State of Anything Can Happen.

Enjoying the Ride

Celebrate Life

Go with the Flow vs Making It Real.

Or whatever the party calls for.