The Drum Experience Awards are on a mission to remind the world of the power of this growing sector, as well as recognizing the very best in the business.

Winning one of these awards would guarantee you a huge profile. The event is part of The Drum one of the largest marketing platforms in the world. That is why if you win, the world will know about it.

Our readers are hungry to find out about best practice as well as who the best companies and people are in the business. It helps them make better decisions - like who to appoint, or which projects they should sponsor.

That is why amazing brands like Formula 1, Bose and Samsung compete. It's also why smaller firms love taking part too. It is a chance to prove that being the biggest is not the same as being the best. That is why law firms and shopping centers share the winners podiums with these global concerns.

So download your entry pack now - and stand by for an experience that will transform your profile.

Entry deadline: 30 August 
Awards Ceremony: 4 December, Marriott Grosvenor Square, London